Founder ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning for 6-Figure Entrepreneurs and Founders Building Winning Teams

A simplified training and skills development course for small and medium sized
business owners interested in scaling to enterprise through the consolidation and creation of an
efficient information system.

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You'll Receive:

  • Streamline IT and digital operations
  • Customize your Suite of Digital Tools
  • Develop Enterprise level processes and systems

In addition, you’ll work to develop a system to help you scale as your bring in both new teammates and clients.

Streamline Your IT and Digital Operations

Founder ERP offers a strategic approach to streamline your IT and digital operations. Learn to customize your suite of digital tools and develop enterprise-level processes and systems to scale efficiently.

Comprehensive Workshops and Trainings

Our workshops cover essential topics such as Change Management, Knowledge Management, Building Your Data Model, Data Storage, Security Best Practices, and Software Administration.

Transform Your Business with Founder ERP

Designed for 6-figure entrepreneurs and founders building winning teams, Founder ERP is a comprehensive training and skills development course tailored for small and medium-sized business owners aiming to scale to enterprise level through efficient information system consolidation.

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Introduction to Information System Consolidation

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Defining Your Enterprise Goals

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Assessing Your Current Systems

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Customizing Your Information System

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Integration and Stakeholder Engagement

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Managing Change

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Data Security and Compliance

Ensure the safety of your data with robust protection measures. Navigate data privacy regulations and develop incident response plans for security breaches.

Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

Implement metrics for performance tracking and use data-driven insights for iterative improvements. Establish performance dashboards and reporting best practices.

Case Studies and Best Practices

Learn from real-world examples of successful SMB to enterprise transitions and industry leaders' insights.

Q&A and Final Steps

Address your specific questions and concerns. Craft an actionable plan for your business's growth and success.

Course Duration

This flexible course can be completed at your own pace, with a recommended duration of 8-10 weeks to fully absorb the material and implement changes.