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Color trends are already waiting to spring into action for the next summer.


Terence Latimer is an Information Communications & Technology professional, consultant, and entrepreneur based in the Mojave Desert.
I write about my experience in startups, tech, and the art of business. I’m also the Founder of Food Tribe, a socially conscious restaurant review platform.


Analyzing  technical concepts in a method that is understandable and engaging.


Exploring  topics related to the world of commerce, including management, marketing, finance, strategy, and more.


Insights, strategies, and best practices to help individuals start and grow successful businesses.

People of Color In Tech

Point-of-Views and stories of individuals from underrepresented racial and ethnic backgrounds in the technology industry.

Swimming With Sharks

Coming in 2023, learn more about my journey navigating the Shark infested waters of startups and  as a black  founder working in tech. 

"We talk in Silicon Valley about Unicorns - those magical creatures so hard to recognize and find that it's almost like finding a needle in a haystack. In my opinion, there are no unicorns, only sharks. And there are a lot of sharks and some bigger than others, with those planet size sharks doing what it does to maintain the ecosystem."

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