Mockups are visual representations or prototypes of a product, usually created early in the product development process. They are important because they allow designers and developers to test and refine ideas before investing time and resources into building the final product. 

Mockups can also help communicate the vision for the product to stakeholders and potential customers, and can serve as a reference point throughout the development process to ensure that the final product meets the desired specifications.

Mockups: The Key to Iterating Digital Products and Services for Enterprise Success

Mockups are an essential tool in the product development process, especially for enterprises that wish to remain competitive in the digital economy. 

In essence, mockups are visual prototypes that enable designers and developers to test out ideas and concepts before committing resources to the development process.

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Iterative Collaboration

Mockups should be created in collaboration with other members of the product development team, including designers, developers, and project managers.

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Visual Representation

Mockups should provide a clear and accurate visual representation of the final product, including its design, features, and functionalities.

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User Centered Design

Mockups should be tested with potential users to gather feedback and insights, and to identify potential issues or challenges that need to be addressed before the product is launched.